200 CLUB


The 200 Club has been running at Forest Hill School for many years and has traditionally raised a steady flow of funds to augment and enrich all students’ experiences at the school.

Parents/Carers are asked to pay in a monthly amount via direct debit, cheque or cash, and are allocated a ‘lottery’ number. Every quarter a random draw is made from numbered tickets to award the four cash prizes on offer from funds raised:

1st prize £50

2nd prize £10

3rd prize £5

4th prize £5.

Winners’ names are published quarterly (see below for latest). Surplus funds are used to purchase ‘extras’ depending on need.

The Club is organised and run by one of our long-standing PTA members who was originally a ‘Forest Hill parent’ – Trish Stocker.   She can be contacted via the school on info@foresthillschool.co.uk and welcomes all new members to the Club.

Our thanks go to all parents and carers involved for their steadfast support, and to Trish for her freely given time and effort in maintaining this funding stream for the school.

Click for latest winners’ list