“Dance, of all arts, is THE one that most influences the soul.”


Our curriculum is designed to:

·         Engage students in a wide range of dance

·         Nurture individual confidence

·         Nurture sensitivity to others

·         Provide a means of personal and social expression

·         Make provision for SEN, G&T and EAL students

·         Develop social skills

·         Develop self-discipline and personal responsibility

·         Develop abilities to solve problems

·         Develop individual and group identity

·         Develop independent life-long learners

·         Develop trust and understanding of others needs

Three strands of study are the basis of the curriculum design and each unit includes aspects of each:

Performance – applying and adapting a wide range of skills and techniques effectively in performing dance.

Composition – applying and adapting a wide range of skills and techniques effectively in composing dance, including the ability to improve and creating dances for a range of purposes and in response to different stimuli.

Appreciation – developing the ability to analyse, evaluate and appreciate dance and appreciate the contribution of dance to personal and social health, fitness and wellbeing and be aware of the range of opportunities and pathways available in dance.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 & 8 are timetabled one lesson per week. Year 9 have one unit of dance seven weeks approximately in the PE curriculum.

Year 7 Units of Work – One unit per half-term approximately

1. Capoeira – Brazilian martial arts dance, incorporating Dance Tek Warrior by Union Dance Company

2. Actions – exploration of movement vocabulary in dance. Motif development, cross-curricular link Music, PSHCE

3. Gladiator – ideational/thematic, based on the Gladiatorial contests in the Coliseum ofRome, incorporating Troy Game by Robert North & Namron

4. Maths-Dance – focusing on polyhedra, partitioning, shape, symmetry, mathematicalsymbols, angles, cross-curricular link with Maths

5. Recycling – environmental awareness, cross curricular link with PSHCE

6. Professional Work – (tbc) with ICT and in-depth video analysis &homework project

Year 8 Units of Work – One unit per half-term approx.  

1. Jazz – historical dance including Charleston, Lindy-Hop, Shim-Sham, Hand Jive, etc

2. Bollywood – mixture of Indian classical and western styles of dance

3. Trust – contact work, using weight-sharing exercises, incorporating Critical Mass byRussell Maliphant

4. Freedom – ideational, based on the Slave Trade, cross-curricular link with History

5. Guernica – visual stimuli, based on Picasso’s Painting, cross-curricular link with Art &Design

6. Professional Work -The Car Man by Matthew Bournwith ICT and in-depth video Analysis & homework project

Year 9 Units of Work – Each unit fits into 6/7 PE double lessons

1. Street Dance – set work and compositional tasks based on professional choreographyfrom the genre using break dance, popping, locking, etc

2. Professional Work- Contact Choreography using Naked by The Ballet Boyz & RussellMaliphant & Driven by Motionhouse

Key Stage 4

We follow the AQA GCSE Dance course 4230. Students learn the technical and expressive skills to perform dance, the compositional skills to create their own choreographies and the skills required to analyse professional dance that we study at the theatre and on film. The course is 80% practical and 20% written which means the majority of curriculum time is actually spent dancing!

As part of the course students get many performance opportunities, both in school and in a range of other venues. Each year we take students on the Careers in Dance day at Sadler’s Wells Theatre to consider dance-related options after GCSEs.

Some students go on to pursue a career in the dance industry, whilst many simply enjoy using their ability and enthusiasm to achieve their GCSE certificate.

Key Stage 5

A level Dance is the perfect progression from GCSE for those students achieving A/B grades in GCSE Dance, or those with equivalent levels of ability.

Extra Curricular

Extra curricular dance provision and regular theatre visits are fundamental to our success. We offer opportunities for students from all year groups to participate in activities outside of the curriculum offer in our Dance Studio.

Students from KS3 and KS4 perform at the Lewisham Schools’ Dance Showcase held at the Broadway Theatre every year.

You can access the FHS Dance site here.