German students in Year 10 and 12 were treated to a visit earlier this month by Dr.Tom Kuhn who is the German tutor at St.Hugh’s College, Oxford.

He ran a class with our Year 12 students about the writer, Bertolt Brecht, and particularly focused on a poem by Brecht that appears in the film “Das Leben der Anderen” (The Lives of Others) which the students are currently studying.

He was impressed with their German pronunciation. Many of our students have just returned from work experience in Koblenz and this has given their spoken German a real boost.

He then spoke to both Year 12 and Year 10 about studying German into further education.

Students asked questions about the course at Oxford University and about how anyone studying Modern Languages at university could spend their year abroad to improve their spoken language.

Year 10 students said they were interested in hearing how the German language had developed over the years and many said they like to learn German because of the elements of coding when learning the language.

Dr.Kuhn said afterwards that he had found the afternoon very interesting and had really enjoyed meeting our students