On a day renowned for being the cause of much nail biting and lost sleep amongst A level candidates and their loved ones, we were incredibly proud to welcome Year 13 students into school to pick up their A level results on Thursday 17 August.

Students taught at Forest Hill (within the SFH6 sixth form provision) arrived to find that almost half (49%) of the examinations taken this summer yielded grades A*- B. This is an excellent achievement for the school at the key national benchmark, and represents a 9% increase on 2016 performance. An enviable 26% of examinations were graded at A* or A. Students, their teachers and families can be incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication which have led to these outcomes. 

Of course, the most important outcome for our young people is the doors that their hard earned results open for them. We are confident that we will have the highest ever number of students moving on to the elite Russell Group Universities, in addition to two of our students embarking on degrees at Oxford and Cambridge this Autumn.  

Some of the highest achievers  are listed on the next page, but our congratulations go out to all SFH6 students who worked hard to secure grades which will allow them to move on to the next stage of their education with confidence and ambition.

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