Homework Policy for Key Stage 3 (Year groups 7, 8 & 9) & Key Stage 4 (Year groups 10 & 11)

For the quality of pupils’ learning and progress to be outstanding they need the skills of excellent concentration “even in extended periods without direction from an adult” (Ofsted January 2010).

Homework has a key role to play in developing these skills and, as it has long been recognised “the importance of homework to educational achievement cannot be denied” (ISS 1984). If students receive appropriate homework and complete it on a regular basis over a four year period, they will in effect be receiving the equivalent of at least one additional year of full-time education (HMI report). Forest Hill is committed to the use of homework as part of the curriculum offer.

To be effective, homework needs to be regularly set. It needs to be varied in the range and nature of the task set so that it can be accessible and challenging to all.

Reasons for setting Homework:

  • To achieve better results
  • To practice and reinforce topics learnt in the classroom
  • To undertake activities not possible in the classroom
  • To prepare for future lessons
  • To measure what has been learned
  • To extend learning beyond the classroom
  • For students to take increased responsibility for their own learning, for being organised and to develop good work habits
  • For parents and carers to endeavour to provide support and see if their children are struggling in any subjects
  • For parents and carers to see that the school and their children are taking education seriously

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Show My Homework

All homework details are recorded on Show My Homework. Every parent and student needs to have their own login. Please contact the school if you do not yet have your log in details. 

Students are able to see their homework by visiting the school homework calendar.

Homework Schedule