In Year 7 students begin their focus on geography by looking at the school and its impact on the local area. Later we explore what it is to be British and physical geography, for example where is the best site for a reservoir.

Year 8 focuses on the debate on renewable vs non renewable energy sources, ecosystems and a study of a European country.

In Year 9 we further develop themes and skills to include a study of world population, settlements, coping with natural disasters and the impacts of modern tourism.


GCSE students study the OCR GCSE Geography B (J385) course, covering the four key themes of rivers and coasts, population and settlements, natural hazards and economic development.

Assessment is by controlled assessment and two written exams at the end of Year 11.

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Students in Year 7 are taught about historical concepts such as why and how do we study the past?

The theme of the KS3 course is the way in which the use of power and the government of Britain changed between the years 1066 and the modern day.

Students will develop a variety of thinking and learning skills and strategies, such as source analysis and causation throughout their studies.


History, although optional at KS4, is a very popular subject at Forest Hill School and we recruit a large percentage of the KS4 cohort each year.

History is taught in mixed ability classes, and we have a proven track record of success at GCSE.

We study OCR History B (J418) which includes International politics between the years 1919-39 as well as two depth studies on the USA 1919-41 and Britain 1900-18. Students will also complete a controlled assessment component which is worth 25% of their total grade.

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History A Level is a popular choice for students at Forest Hill School. As a subject we recruit not only from Forest Hill, but also external students who choose to continue their post-16 education in this subject. We currently recruit two groups at both AS/A2.

The History A Level course has maintained an excellent record of achievement in recent years, and continues to inspire students to higher levels of education.

We study the Edexcel GCE History (8HI01/9HI01)course and our components prove a popular choice for students.

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History students can expand their knowledge of history by reading some of the books on the recommended reading lists in the Library section of the website.