Forest Hill School is delighted to announce the launch of a new Parent Teacher Association with a meeting on 23rd May at 7pm in the atrium. The meeting is open to all parents and carers of children at Forest Hill School.

The purpose of the PTA is to provide a link between home and school and to strengthen connections between all members of the school community and to enrich school life. We aim to hold fundraising events to provide additional resources to support and enhance students’ experiences in school.

We would emphasize this primary function on fundraising and coming together as a school community, rather than a forum to discuss academic progress or for political debate. Thus we can ensure a lively and committed group working together towards the common goal of broad enrichment for our students and their school community.

If you are interested in supporting the school in any capacity please come along to the meeting on Tuesday 23rd May from 7pm in the Atrium. We look forward to welcoming you.