Science at Key Stage 3 has recently changed to Longmans Exploring Science to ensure that students explore and learn the key topics covered in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This will help to provide a firm foundation to progress into Key Stage 4.

Each topic has many activities and practicals designed to engage, challenge and stretch our students and increase their scientific and thinking skills. Students also have many opportunities to work and collaborate in groups and improve their communication skills.

Regular assessments are completed in class so students are aware of how they are performing and how they can improve. We have accelerated classes and explorer learning groups to cater for all learning abilities.


In KS4 we offer science at GCSE and BTEC.

GCSE students follow the AQA GCSE Science suite of courses, which offers an original, refreshing and dynamic approach to science which makes the subject more accessible and relevant to students.

The aim is to provide all students with the scientific literacy they need to be well-informed about current issues in the Science world and to progress onto studying Science at Key Stage 5.

Most students study double science (Science A-Core and Additional) and some will study a single science (Science A – Core).

Students with an aptitude for science and who achieve well at the end of Key Stage 3 are offered the chance to study for separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Each course provides the opportunity to further develop an understanding of scientific explanations, how science works and the study of elements of applied science with particular relevance to professional scientists.

Students taking these courses will gain three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

BTEC Science

BTEC Applied Science is a course for students who want to develop their scientific understanding through work-related contexts.  The course focuses on procedures and techniques that scientists use and will give you an insight into what is involved in being a scientist.  The course will require students to complete a single exam at the end of each year similar to GCSE Sciences.

The course will help students to develop the skills you will need in your working or everyday life, or for progressing to a science-related vocational course.

Students will take a BTEC First Award in Principles of Applied Science which is equivalent to one GCSE.


AS/A2 Biology – Break into the world of science with A level Biology!  Study fascinating topics from Biotechnology to Biodiversity.

AS/A2 Chemistry – Interested in forensic science, medicine or environmental issues? Ever wondered why a diamond can cut glass, what makes hair go curly, why icebergs float rather than sink? Chemistry is the science of how different materials are made up and why they behave as they do.

AS/A2 Physics – Are you interested in getting into some of the most exciting professions in the world? Do you want to unravel the mysteries of the Universe? Do you want to work in medicine, be a pilot or even help design solutions for the upcoming energy crisis? If the answer to any of these questions in yes, then you need to take A-level Physics.

GCE Applied Science – Come and explore the world of science, study how science is applied in many different types of professions and industries. Take the opportunity to visit scientific workplaces and meet people who use science on a daily basis.