200 CLUB

The 200 Club has been running at Forest Hill School for many years and has traditionally raised a steady flow of funds to augment and enrich all students’ experiences at the school.   However, with falling demand and the advent of myriad alternative and more readily available options to raise funds for the school, it has been decided regrettably, not to continue to invite subscriptions to the Club.  Thus the 200 Club will cease activity and close formally from the end of September 2018.

The Club has been organised and run for many years by one of our long-standing PTA members who was originally a ‘Forest Hill parent’ – Trish Stocker.   The school extends its warmest thanks and appreciation for all that Trish has done and her stoic efforts to keep the Club running.   The decision to close it has not been an easy one but alas has proved inevitable in the current climate.

Our thanks go to all parents and carers involved over the years for their steadfast support, and to Trish for her freely given time and effort in maintaining this funding stream for the school.

Please click on the link below for the final list of winners, and also the formal letter of closure which will be distributed in the coming weeks.   An update of the final ‘spend’ of funds will be published in the school newsletter ‘fhs’ in due course, once the accounts have been audited and finalised.

Thank you once again to everyone involved, and we hope parents and carers will continue to support the school via other means of fund-raising, to carry on the tradition of enhancing and benefitting all our students’ school experience.

Click here for final winners’ list                                   Click here for letter of closure

Update:  The 200 Club bank account will close on 31st December 2018 so any ‘winners’ cheques must be presented for payment as a priority.   Please note that once closure has taken place, no payments or refunds will be possible.  

Final proceeds from the Club have purchased 100 Scientific calculators; a concrete bench for the playground and two outdoor table tennis tables, which are scheduled to be installed in early 2019.

Any residue cash left in the account following the final audit will be used to support purchases for the Library.