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BBC News School Report

No More Litter

Look at the amazing city London. It’s so beautiful, yet we humans decide, not to take care of it, but to trash it. This is the case in most places. However, one of our reporters in the BBC School Report Team has informed us of a beautiful well cared for place that his family reside; The Cotswolds.

Cotswolds v London        

The Cotswolds residents have a very strict rule for litter and if they see someone drop litter, they will have a chat with them asking why they had done it?

If you compare this clean, tranquil place to our dirty, busy London, you will see a huge difference.

According to Get West London, London’s dirtiest borough is Hounslow. This borough is in the bottom five for fly-tipping, litter, levels of detritus, and fly-posting.

They had to have an £800 million PFI road maintenance contract which included street cleaning.

How Should We Treat The World?

It should be treated like a place of amazing learning, teaching and safety. How can we live our lives if we are damaging, not only others, but ourselves too? The world is dirty, and although there are some clean places, this is NOT good enough! We need to push this message forward if we truly want to see a hygienic and naturally clean planet.

Who Is To Blame?

The world is not what it used to be like before. People are careless and drop their rubbish simply out of laziness or to increase the modern definition of “popularity”. The Government and security need to pay attention, not just to big crimes, but to smaller problems which could end up causing a mighty complications. Humans are causing a destruction of the local environment, so we need to… STOP LITTERING!

Litter In London Schools

Litter is one of the leading problems within many inner city schools. The once spacious playing grounds have now taken the form of a litter-wilderness.

Mr Green Teacher at Forest Hill School South East London says that people should be doing a lot more and that the government aren’t doing enough to deal with the issues. Sanctions have been issued school-wide, including the banning of chicken being sold from the so-called “Snack Shack”. This was supposedly applied since the outstanding majority of litter was chicken bones. Despite the outrage amongst some pupils, this reduced the levels of litter significantly within school premises.

Outraged year eight pupil, Zak said “it’s absolutely disgraceful how someone can just chuck your litter onto someone’s property and just expect it not to be there problem”. Strong words exploited by the twelve year old, also, his words expressed the opinions of many others in the school community.

Effects Of Litter

We were lucky enough to snatch a few words with well-known Geography teacher and researcher Dr Laurent for a wider view of litter around schools. She told us that “the students can do much better”.

New research shows that there is 9 billion tonnes of plastic waste worldwide.

Dr Laurent reacted to this by saying that she “wasn’t surprised”. She also said that the new 5p plastic bags is ineffective since most people have an”I don’t care” attitude since it is only 5p which is not viewed as a large value of money.

How Do You Affect Others By Dropping Litter?

  • Attracts vermin such as rats and other rodents prone to carrying disease.
  • Provides a growing space for harmful and in some cases toxic bacterium and fungi.
  • Litter can also be a fire hazard because much of it is flammable and burns easily.

London Pride

Croydon understands that first impressions matter. As a result, they have a zero tolerance policy to littering.

In recent years they spent a massive £300k on cleaning-up fly-tips and picking-up 354kg of waste. For littering you could also be fined up to £50,000 – they are not messing around!

Moreover, their council offers a comprehensive waste collection service covering: recyclable and non-recyclable waste, green/garden waste, and waste goods.  There are also 1,500 litter bins and special bins for smoking-related litter in the borough.

Forest Hill School Staff Member Mr Rose describes litter in London as “disgusting”. He also proclaimed that in order to reduce litter in London, everybody needs to take responsibility.

Ways You Can Help

  • Always check packets you are throwing away for the recycling symbol.
  • You could donate money or used/unwanted items to charity shops such as Unicef, The Great British Spring Clean, Crisis
  • Report Flytippers: The government and people who care about our eco-system need to spread the message; this is not OK. We need to report those who constantly soil our planet, we need to make sure our planet will survive, because, not only does the litter look bad, it can spread serious illnesses, infect our atmosphere and even small animals choke on plastic bags, bottles and more.

Written by Archie, Riley and Cuba, researchers- Damian and Rami, photographers- Tolu, Cuba and Shea, editors- Taryll and Shea, Reporters- Archie, Riley, Cuba, Rami, Reeyce

Behind The Scenes

To kick things off, on Thursday 8th March, BBC News Editor Nancy Elnakib, ran a news making workshop for our very own BBC School reporters.

Nancy shared some fantastic skills and experiences with the team and offered valuable advice about how to share the stories that really matter to them.

The BBC School Report Team are really looking forward to you seeing, hearing and reading their news stories and reports so please regularly check our School Report page on the FHS website.