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Regular small and large scale performance opportunities exist within our faculty. The experience of performing, at all stages, brings collaborative skills and individual confidence that transfers across the whole school.


With application and practice comes great achievement. At FHS we celebrate the successes and learning failures of our students as they develop and progress along their creative path.


Creativity is the currency of breakthrough and innovation in today’s world. In the expressive arts we provide many avenues to explore this creative expression with a teaching team rich in their own artistic experience and practice.

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Making Breakthroughs

We are immensely proud of all our students and the way they dedicate themselves to their own artistic expression. Regardless of where this path takes them they can earn our support and praise. In some cases students do excel at a level that brings them into a wider spotlight and their achievements inspire all who who follow them.

Reinventing Tradition

Many of the curriculum elements used in our faculty have been taken from the rich traditions of the expressive arts. As a creative collective we also encourage re-visioning and re-interpreting of these core elements to best demonstrate and showcase the talents and strengths of our cohort.

The Body As Instrument

Expression comes from our being. The body is the performance instrument for music, dance, drama and sport. The role of the body is acknowledged in the teaching, theory and practice of expressive arts here at FHS.

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