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At Forest Hill School, we use epraise, an online rewards system, as a mechanism for recording and celebrating students’ contributions. The guiding principle is that all rewards carry the ‘currency’ of epraise points. Students earn these for classwork, homework, extracurricular participation and commitment to the values of the school. 

They work towards milestone certificates and save up their points to spend in our rewards shop or to donate to charity. Houses, Tutor groups and individuals compete to gain the most points, and students, staff and parents are able to track points activity online.

Students can also get additional points for home learning, achievement, participation, community, attendance and punctuality and then claim these points back at the epraise shop to take home a variety of prizes. See current shop stock and ‘prices’ below. Occasionally we run prize draws with bigger prizes that the boys can use points to enter.

epraise Shop

Tutor Group Leaderboard (15 March 2021)

  • O9F – 39,910 pts
  • A9G – 38,725 pts
  • O9G – 35,649 pts
  • O8F – 34,386 pts
  • P9G – 32,778 pts
  • A10F – 30,488 pts
  • T9F – 29,651 pts
  • A10G – 29,222 pts
  • P10G – 28,827 pts
  • T10G – 25,800 pts