Expressive Arts Curriculum



The Expressive Arts Faculty encompasses Physical Education, Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Design Technology.

Within our Faculty we aim to nurture student’s creative expression through the arts and allowthem to develop key life skills and interests which they will use outside of the school setting. We aim for lifelong participation in the arts which will enable students to manage their health physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Through inspirational teaching allow students to embody numerous roles in the arts and create a positive environment in which students can share their fantastic work.

We provide a positive and optimistic working environment focused on student development. By insisting onwell‐planned lessons, marking and feedback that has meaningful impact, and on a rigorous assessmentapproach (formative and summative) the team provides the framework through which all our students achieve to the best of their ability.

The Faculty is comprised of a hard-working and supportive team, and we work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes for our pupils. Staff members often go above and beyond what is expected to support and mentor students in the arts to ensure they can access a range of career pathways when they leave the school.



PE 2 hours per week

Music 1 hour per week

Art and DT on carousel 1 hour per week

Dance and Drama on carousel 1 hour per week


Extra Curricular

Within PE there are various sports clubs and teams which run after school in local and national competitions in Football, Basketball, Rugby, Cross Country, Table Tennis, Cricket and Athletics.

In Music there are a number of opportunities to learn instruments and join the choir. There a range of showcases and regular opportunities in assembly to perform and booking systems to attend lunch and after school rehearsal sessions. We also offer woodwind group, guitar club, jazz collective, samba club, drum club and the Key Stage 3 ensemble.

The music practice rooms are also bookable at lunchtimes and after school. See the FHS Music website for more information on music instrument lessons and activities offered.

In Drama students regularly perform at whole school events and showcases and the department organise a range of visits from casting agencies for opportunities in the industry. There are also regular theatre trips offered throughout the key stages. 

In Art we have a successful Art master’s programme and students have regular opportunities to showcase their work at school and locally in the community. We were involved in the Sydenham Arts Trail and there are London gallery visits offered throughout the key stages. 

In Dance extra-curricular clubs are run throughout the year with links to external companies and competitions. Students recently have had the opportunity to perform at the 02 arena and Catford Broadway theatre. More at FHS Dance.

In Design Technology students have a range of enrichment opportunities and recently have provided food for showcases and parents evenings. 

As a Faculty we hold regular Expressive Art Showcases which are an important opportunity to link with the wider community and provide our students with a chance to showcase their creative talents.

These take place both at school and in the wider community with our link primary schools. For more information please see the school twitter feed which showcase the fantastic work that goes on.