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Home Activities

Here are some suggestions for things that you might like to do. They are entirely optional, but if you get bored give them a go!

Get Active!

Try getting outside and doing some of these, but remember to follow social distancing rules and to stay safe:

  • Complete a Joe Wicks work out
  • Run 5k
  • Cycle 10k
  • Master a skill of your choice, for example, complete 10-100 kick ups depending on skill level
  • Watch a sporting documentary
  • Watch some live sport if possible
  • Coach a sibling or parent a skill you’ve learnt at school or at a club
  • Invent your own obstacle course
  • Invent your own circuit training session

Visit a Museum – Virtually!

These are just a selection below. Try searching for Virtual museum and gallery tours and see what you can find.

The National Museum of Computing

“The virtual tour is quite incredible and a dramatic way of realising how far technology has come in a few decades. We are seeing 1950s computers with 2017 tech and getting a convincing dolls-house view of the galleries that is impossible to see in real life! It’s just like Google Street View, users can move around the galleries and zoom in on points of interest.”

To access the 3D virtual tour, go to

The Natural History Museum

It has lots of interesting things to explore. You could also make your own dinosaur:

The Science Museum

Try some home experiments! (Get permission first!)

Play Rugged Rovers!

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Do you want a new occupation? Try the Terrible Trades game!

Get Cooking!

Invent a new recipe and test it on your family! Help with the cooking and learn some new skills.

Read, Read and Read….!

Read for fun. Try a new author or try a new genre! Look back at the weekly bulletins as there are lots of free reading-related links every week, including lots going out today.

There are also recommendations under the Quick Lists tab on the library system:  

Art Activities!

Find ideas in the Art packs and take a look at the BBC Arts website too.

Art Pack 2

Art Pack 3a

Art Pack 3b

Art Pack 3c

You could also look at these programmes for some inspiration:

The Grayson Perry Art club on channel 4 –

A documentary about the Andy Warhol exhibition that opened at the Tate Modern just before the lockdown –