Key Stage 4 Revision and Exams

Public Examination Information

Public Examinations are the GCSE (and A-Level) examinations taken by students across the country each May and June. 

Awarding Bodies

The five awarding bodies we use for GCSE and A Level exams are AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC.  You can get useful information on the exams process from their websites and all will allow you to download free copies of past exam papers.

Click on the links below for more information:

Exam Regulations

Year 11 students MUST wear full school uniform when attending school for revision classes and examinations. Any student who comes to school not in uniform will be asked to go home and change.  He will not be allowed on school premises.

There are very strict rules about public exams which are enforced by the awarding bodies. Students must ensure they are familiar with the exam regulations – failure to comply can lead to loss of marks or disqualification.

You can download copies of the notices via the links below.

Exams Equipment

Students must make sure they are properly equipped for every exam. 

You must bring two black ball-pens, a pencil, eraser, sharpener and a calculator to your exams.

Check with your teacher if you think you will need any specialist equipment in addition to this list.

GCSE Exams Advice

Click here for useful advice on managing the exams process from one of the awarding bodies.

For a handy guide to what to do – and what NOT to do – in exams click here.

Exam Preparation – A Quick Guide for Parents

You can download the guide by clicking here
More useful guidance for managing exam stress can be found at Childline, Young Minds and Calm Zone

You can also see our Public Exam FAQ page by clicking here

Pre Public Examination (PPE) Information

Pre Public Examinations are practice or ‘mock’ examinations which Year 10 and Year 11 taken to help them prepare for their GCSEs and are designed to replicate the experience of public exams. Here at Forest Hill School students take PPEs in July of Year 10, and December and March of Year 11. Please click on the links below for further information and guidance about these exams:

Key Stage 4 Revision and Independent Study Resources

Here you will find a range of resources and links for students and parents/carers to assist them in preparing effectively for PPE and public examinations, including Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) which detail the content and skills students need to revise.

GCSEPod gets measurable results.  Whether a student is just starting to learn more independently or is a highly motivated learner looking to advance their work and expand their knowledge, GCSEPod can adapt.  Try it here

FHS GCSE Guide – How To Support Your Son at Home

Study Skills Booklet

Study Skills Presentation

Exam and Revision Tips

Learning Difficult Concepts – Step by Step

Click below for some handy guides on coping with stress around exam time.

Useful revision websites are BBC Bitesize for most subjects and MyMaths for maths.

Bibliomania has study guides and full texts for English

Create mindmaps and revision timetables at Get Revising

Other websites worth a look are The Student Room, S-cool and ReviseSmart

Twelve tried-and-tested learning and revision techniques are available on one handy page here.

Check out the new Seneca website – It is a completely free resource developed by neuro-scientists to help students revise more effectively and explicitly covers their GCSE exam board content.

There is already excellent content for Science and History and it is being updated all the time.

Past Papers

When looking for past papers you should be aware that the awarding bodies refer to A Level papers as GCE – do not confuse this with GCSE which are the exams students do in Year 11.

You may need to search within different GCSE date categories to find the subject you are looking for.  Every subject has a course code and each paper has a component code  –  you will find it helpful to have this code to help you identify the correct exam papers.


Personal Learning Checklists

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