Dawn has broken at Kingswood, Kent, on our first morning here.

The boys from Drake and Harvey Houses awoke to a crisp morning – blue skies, sunshine and bird song – perfect conditions for a day of outdoor adventure and fun.

After the initial excitement of arrival yesterday and the evening activities, the boys seem in a calmer mood today.

They’ll be ready to overcome the dizzying heights of the abseiling wall, to take on the trickiness of Jacob’s Ladder, or hone their precision and accuracy on the archery range (amongst other things!).




Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast in the centre’s canteen and, well fed with an hour to spare before their first activity of the day, the boys occupy themselves playing football, cards or chatting and reading.

This promises to be a great day and the staff look forward to seeing the boys face their fears as they develop their ability to work as part of an encouraging and understanding team.