Shortly before half-term, all of the Young Mayor candidates, and their families and supporters, went to a fantastic results announcement event in the council chamber with the Mayor Damien Egan and Janet Daby MP.

All the candidates received a certificate and photograph and can join the Young Mayor Advisors team who will work with the newly elected Young Mayor.

This means they can continue to use their enthusiasm and commitment to influence decisions in Lewisham and work with politicians and others around what they think is important.

The top four positions from the Young Mayor elections were announced as:

Young Mayor: Adam Abdullah (Addey and Stanhope School)

Deputy Young Mayor: Nike Ajijola (Haberdasher Askes Knights Academy)

UK Youth Parliament Member: Kelis James-Kappo (Sedgehill School)

Deputy UK Youth Parliament Member: Tanisha Barret-Thomas (Abbey Manor College)

Sadly none of our FHS candidates got a main position this year, but they did an amazing job with their campaigns and very much deserve to be congratulated again. It is a real achievement to take part in this process.

Many thanks the hard work of students and staff in supporting the Young Mayor campaign this year!