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Lockdown Gallery

Messages from our Junior Prefects

Click here to view messages of support and tips for surviving lockdown from our Junior Prefects.

Students’ responses to Black Lives Matter Movement

Artistic Responses to Listening to Black Musicians

by Arthur W
by Otis B
by Benedict B D
by Cole H
by Dylan M B
by George W
by Jacob P
by Stanley H

Performing Arts

Online Poetry Jam 2020

Sam singing on the streets of Paris!

To help lift our spirits during lockdown, here is our very own singing sensation Sam W (Year 9) singing on the streets of Paris during last term’s school trip. Ms Benyarbah persuaded a street musician to lend Sam his guitar so he could sing a song in front of the Eiffel Tower… the street musician was blown away by Sam’s professionalism and talent!

DIY Instrument by Lucas B-R, Y7 

Isolation Rap by Emcess Elco and Dorco

Check out this isolation rap produced by Year 7 student, Dorian C, and his younger brother, in response to the 60 Daily Challenges we have been posting on Show My Homework and school social media!

Lock Down Song by Kaecey B R

Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show 2020

Two of our students have had their art selected (from 17,000 entries) for the show.
Reece S (Y11): Portrait of my Brother
Amir B (Y7): Rainbow Sky

Re-creations of favourite sporting moments

As many sports as you can do in 1 minute!!!

In The Bin Challenge

Thank You Key Workers Art Competition

KS3 Winners.

1st Vedant S
2nd Xander H
Joint 3rd Ed F
Joint 3rd Joseph HP

KS4 Winners

1st Freddy DT
2nd Niks M
3rd Nye KB

History: Creative work celebrating Windrush Day (22 June 2020)

by Joseph W
by Adam P
by Patrick L
by Samuel S
by Kaecey B R
by Leo I

Year 7 Speeches: What to do during lockdown

History Essay Competition

“If 1066 is said to be the most important date in English history, what is the equivalent in another country?”

The top 5 entries are posted below:

My Country is South Africa and the year is 1994, Kory KS (Y8)

King of Justice, Ahmad N (Y11)

Comparisons between the English and Chinese Monarchies, Billy S (Y12)

Declaration of the State of Israel, Boo G (Y12)

The Indian Mutiny of 1857, Honor M (Y12)

Drama: Performing a Monologue

Drama Project: Researching Creative Careers

Loo Roll Art Challenge

by Ms Tang Campbell


He’s angry

He’s mad

If you ever come across him,

his words will make you feel bad

Jeff by Luka K
by Mr. Hollidge

The Cardboard Cactus

Its spiky,

its green,

it makes me feel serein.

In the desert it lays under the sun’s rays.

From cardboard to cactus,

From trash to plant,

The cardboard cactus is here.

Cardboard Cactus by Stanley N

Year 7 Computer Science: Microbit Project

by Harry S
by Stanley WO

Year 7 History Essays 

How far was having an Empire beneficial for other countries in the world?

Charlie P

Jim B

Neev S

Jacob P

Year 7 Home Challenges

‘Reading on the Shed’
Lockdown Poem – Isaac T

Year 7 Art Projects

Paper Sculpture

Students have created paper sculptures based on the architecture of Frank Gehry. Click image to enlarge.

by Stanley H
by Ronny M
by George W
Shoebox Bedroom

Students were asked to design a shoebox bedroom inspired by an artist.

by Albert B
by Arthur C
by Arthur W
by Benedict B-D
by Howie D
by Oliver C
by Oscar E

Year 8 Geography: The Holderness Coast Competition

Y8 English Assignment

Write your own myth and create your own board game!

By Archie M
By Dary
By Fabien
By Kaecey BR
By Toby B
By Yr 8 Student
By Fred C
By Jacob W
By Joseph M-M

Year 8 Stop Motion Video Challenge

Toilet Roll by Joseph H-P

Year 8 Art Projects

Self Portraits inspired by famous artists/artworks

by Archie
by Felix
by Jack M
by James
by Joseph W
by Max

Y9 Geography

“The completion of the Ilisu Dam in 2016 will have had positive impacts on Turkey and its neighbouring countries” – Justify how far you agree with this statement.

Kingsley V

Nathaniel S

Samuel I

Y9 Art Projects

The Power of Words 

Text-based art inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

by Ayub
by Ned
by Charlie W
by Maximillian D

Year 10 Art Projects

Observational drawings of essential organs/body parts.

by Yusef
by Gene
by Brian D

Year 10 Photography Challenge

Below are examples of students responding to Uta Barth’s work and photographing light in their space. Click to enlarge.

by Charlie W
by Charlie W
by Ernest S
by Ernest S
by Ernest S
by Anton A
by Thomas C
by Thomas C
by Thomas C
by Kyran
by Joshua B
by Henry H
by Joshua B
by Daniel O

Music Compositions

by Matthew G, Year 11
by Arthur W, Year 7