On Wednesday evening a dedicated large group of boys shared their developing talents and enthusiasm with a packed theatre of family and friends. The vocal and instrumental showcase kicked off with our Jazz Collective led by our brass tutor Chris Lowe. Featuring musicians from years 7 to 13 this group continues to evolve and shared their own take on some lush and classic theme tune arrangements.

Other group performances included the contemporary sounds of the KS3 ensemble, the swell and swing of our sax group and the bright sureness of our vocal group. This group is attracting a regular turn out every Wednesday lunchtime and is now open to new members.  

In between these acts the crowd enjoyed a range of solo and duet pieces across a range of instrumental disciplines. Students performed on saxophone, violin, bass, drums, and guitar covering a broad range of genres and levels. Whether as an accomplished year 13 or a starter year 7 all of the students can be very proud of a terrific concert and also of their own personal achievements.

To sign up for instrument lessons and become a participant at our next instrumental concert please visit FHS Music and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.