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Remote Learning Platforms

For optimum results we recommend using the current and updated version of Google Chrome.

During this extended period of school closure we have all had to become accustomed to using various platforms for ‘remote learning’.

At Forest Hill School we use Show My Homeworkbelow are links to the details of this and other additional platforms we are currently using, including guidance on how to access them online.

We would also like to make parents aware of two major resources to support home learning: BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons (available on the BBC red button, online and via BBC Sounds podcasts) and Oak National Academy (DfE sponsored). We are looking at the potential of these two resources, and you may wish to further investigate them yourself:

Bitesize Schedule

Please encourage your son(s) to check in daily for homework across all the subjects for his Year Group to support and maintain progress and learning during this period of school closure.

Home Learning Schedule

Show My Homework (all subjects) 

Step-by-step guidance 

Email for parent and student log-in details.

Maths Watch

Email the Head of Faculty, Mr Godwin Kanton, for individual log-in codes:

Seneca Learning (Science)

Please click on the link for introduction and access details:

How to use Seneca Learning

 Using Seneca Learning


Kerboodle is available for all pupils in Years 9 to 13.   They will have access to all the Science online textbooks and activities, as well as ‘A’ level Languages and KS3 Geography.

To login pupils will need to use their normal system logins, eg. smitj351.209 – this is the first part of their email address.

Their passwords are the same as their logins – they can change this later if they wish to.

Finally, they will need the institution code tbk9.

Example for John Smith:-

  1. Username: smitj351.209
  2. Password: smitj351.209
  3. Institution code: tbk9

Any pupils having issues logging on can email the Acting Head of Faculty, Ms Edmund, for assistance at