School Transport Committee


The Forest Hill School Council exists to give our students a voice and the opportunity to take responsibility for improving the school in a variety of different ways.  Fundamentally it is our belief that the students form the most important part of our community and so their voice should be heard by all.

We have four different committees that investigate and operate in different areas.  These include

–          The Learning Committee – to investigate and work on improving learning throughout the school

–          The Environment Committee – to develop and improve the school environment for all of its stakeholders

–          The Community Committee – to make links outside the school community and be a voice for young people in the area in improving the area for young people

–          The Transport Committee – to promote healthy and safer transport to and from school

We are also very proud of the other boys doing student voice work – such as the Geography Ambassadors who are working hard to try and make the school more environmentally friendly.

Current work by the Forest Hill YTA’s (Youth travel ambassadors) is focussed on improving healthier and safer commuting to work/school. Since September the boys have been working on sourcing funding and marketing campaigns to staff, pupils and parents to help educate the benefits of a change in behaviour gained through cycling to school/work. We strongly believe in the safety of travelling to school/work. We have delivered assemblies highlighting good behaviour around the roads as pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.

Marketing the Travel committee to staff, parents and pupils is really important. The committee members have spent time preparing material to share with tutor groups and in house assemblies. We have found Twitter a really useful tool to share important road safety, cycling tips, health information, community cycling support, local authority guidance, and a whole lot more.

Please follow us on twitter for more information @FHS_YTAs 

A major goal is to develop the Cycle Bus Scheme. Students are used to working together to achieve something in lessons; we would like to take this outside of the classroom. We believe that it is possible and safer to have groups of students meeting and riding (with support) together from different places to arrive at school on time after a short workout. There are a few steps we need to complete to do this but we hope to have this running in the summer.

Prior to the cycle bus scheme we will be developing awareness of safe routes, safe riding, good maintenance and safe security of the bike.

E-praise has been a really useful tool for sharing rewards and prizes. After Easter we will be offering a variety of these specific for cycling. Students will be able to access Bikeability Training Master Classes to improve road cycling safety plus opportunities to acquire a cycle helmet, lights, and/or water bottles; training on route planning using online software and maps and take maps home for parents.