The House System

On entry to the school students are put into a Tutor Group within one of the four Houses.  This system allows brothers to be in the same House with the same Head of House, rather than in different years with different Heads of Year.  This allows us to build up a better quality of contact with the home.

Each House can be identified by its colour.  Every student wears a house flash on his blazer pocket and the house colour is incorporated in the school tie.

  • Drake – red

  • Harvey – yellow

  • Reynolds – blue

  • Shackleton – green

Students stay with the same Tutor and Head and Deputy Head of House throughout their school career.  This allows Tutors and Heads/Deputy Heads of House to develop meaningful relationships with students and their parents and carers and greatly enhances the level of pastoral care we can offer.


“The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.”

“Pupils are cared for well. They are helped to overcome social and personal challenges.”

“Pupils feel safe in school.”

Ofsted Report

December 2017

In Key Stage 4 students who show responsibility and leadership potential will be offered the chance to become Peer Mediators, Prefects and House Captains.

Transition from primary to secondary school is seen as vitally important and we place great emphasis on ensuring that this process happens as smoothly as possible.  We have close links with our main feeder primary schools; all parents and students have a personal interview with their Head of House or Deputy Head of House prior to starting at Forest Hill School; and in July of their Year 6 all our new students are invited to spend a day at Forest Hill School with their new Year 7 class and tutor.