As a community school, the admissions’ process and offer of a place at Forest Hill School are the responsibility of the Local Authority (Lewisham).

Full details of the admissions’ criteria are available from:-

Admissions and Appeals Team

3rd Floor, Laurence House

Catford Road

London SE6 4RU

T: 020 8314 8282

Our school intake is 240 students per year group across Year 7 to Year 11.

Making an application

All applicants will be required to demonstrate that the address they are applying from is their permanent home address and that they have parental responsibility and therefore eligible to apply for a school place for the child.

Applications from children who are transferring to reception class or secondary school and not already on the roll of a Lewisham primary school and whose documentation has not been previously verified must be accompanied by:

i. The applicant’s current Council Tax bill to establish permanent home address and

ii. The child benefit letter or child tax credit letter to establish that the applicant has parental responsibility

Parents may state the reasons why they wish their child to attend a particular school, including whether there is a sibling already attending the school.

Shared care arrangements

Lewisham is aware that some parents share the care of their child. Lewisham will normally accept that the child lives with the parent who has parental responsibility and who is in receipt of child benefit and child tax credit. Documentary evidence, for example a residence order or other court order, may be required.

Permanent home address

Proof of permanent home address will be required and will include the current Council Tax statement.  In addition Lewisham may require copies of utility bills.  Lewisham is aware that some parents rent a property close to a popular school to increase the likelihood of their child gaining admission.

To establish an applicant’s permanent rather than temporary home address, the following will be required;

1 – Closing accounts for the last known address,

2 – Official confirmation of the end-of-tenancy or house sale for the last known address,

3a – Tenancy agreement via a commercial letting agency for a period of 12 months or more.

The period of the tenancy must extend beyond the start of the academic year in which the child is due to be admitted or 15 3b solicitors’ confirmation of the completion of the purchase of the new property where the tenancy or ownership of the last known address has not been surrendered.

Lewisham will accept this last known address as the permanent home address.  In establishing permanent home address Lewisham may also check records held within the Council as well as other external agencies. If a false address has been given and an offer made on the basis of that information, the offer of a place may be withdrawn.

Over-subscription criteria

Should over-subscription to a particular school occur, it may be helpful to be aware that places are allocated to applicants on the following basis:

1 – Children in Public Care (details must be supplied by the allocated social worker or foster carer). This means a child who is in care to a local authority or who is provided with accommodation by that authority, as well as children who were looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order)

2 – In exceptional circumstances there is discretion to admit children on the grounds of their or their family’s severe medical or social need for that particular school and who would not otherwise qualify for admission. The application must be supported by a letter from a hospital consultant, social worker or similar professional, setting out the reasons why the school is the only one to meet the child’s needs, before an admission decision is made. The admission decision will be considered in consultation with a sub-group of the Admissions’ Forum, teaching and medical professionals. Medical professionals provide advice on applications made under medical conditions, and teaching professionals advise on applications made for social or special reasons. Supporting evidence must be provided before the closing date for applications.

3 – Applicants whose brother or sister is on the roll of the school on the closing date for applications and will still be on the roll of the school at the intended date of admission. If the school is over-subscribed entirely with siblings, priority will be given to those living nearest and to those with exceptional social and medical need. Siblings include all blood siblings, adoptive siblings, half-siblings, foster siblings of Looked-After Children and step siblings. Siblings must all live at the same address as the child. Proof of the sibling relationship may be required.

4 – Applicants who live nearest to the school. All distances will be measured in a straight line from the home to the main school entrance, using digitised mapping software or Ordnance Survey maps of the area. If more than one applicant lives in a multi-occupancy building, e.g. flats, priority will be given to the applicant whose door number is the lowest numerically and/or alphabetically.

Twins, triplets and other multiple births – where twins, triplets or children from other multiple births qualify for the last school place to be allocated, Lewisham will admit all of the qualifying siblings in excess of the published admissions’ limit and they will be considered as ‘excepted pupils’.

Tie break – on the rare occasion where two or more identical applications qualify for the last available place, lots will be drawn to decide which qualifying child is offered the place.

When a school is over-subscribed, any vacancy which arises as a result of the withdrawal of a successful application will be offered to the next child on the waiting list in that band. If a school cannot fill all places available in a particular band, applicants from adjoining bands will be offered the places until the school is full.

Waiting lists

Requests to be placed on a waiting list for a community school must be made via the home local authority in accordance with the pan-London agreement, and to ensure Lewisham meets its duty to continue to co-ordinate admissions beyond offer date and comply with the parents’ highest possible preference.

Lewisham will ensure that waiting lists do not contain lower ranked preferences except where it (or the home local authority) has agreed to a parental request to change the order of preferences. In such cases, where there is a parental request to change the order of preferences, the original application, including any offer made under co-ordination, will be withdrawn and the applicant will be required to re-apply. Waiting lists will be held for the first academic year (Year 7) of admission only. Those wishing to be considered for a place beyond Year 7 will be required to make an in-year application.

Waiting lists for Lewisham’s community schools will include those who have moved to the area and were unable to make an ‘on time’ application. Parental enquiries about waiting list positions or appeal procedures for community schools should be directed to Lewisham’s Admissions’ Team.

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