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Year 9 Options

During Year 9, students decide which subjects they will study for GCSE. Please see below for a list of Compulsory subjects followed by the Option subjects from which students are expected to choose four subjects with one being a reserve choice.

Compulsory Subjects:

Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Double or Triple Science

Option Subjects:

Students will choose four subjects with one being their reserve choice

German, Spanish, Geography, History, Art, Photography, Business Studies, Drama, Dance, Music GCSE, Music Technology, Music Performance, Product Design, Computer Science, Physical Education, iMedia

It is compulsory for all students to study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science in Years 10 and 11. Students either study Combined Science (a mixture of Biology, Chemistry and Physics worth two GCSEs) or Single Sciences (three GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

It is important for students to choose subjects that will interest and motivate them and, ideally, to have a good balance of subjects as this helps keep options open for the future.

To help with this process, students are advised to complete the interest profile quiz on Unifrog (every student has his own individual login). The interest profile is based on John Holland’s theory of personality and job choices. It will help identify a student’s strengths and explore corresponding careers and subject choices.

Forest Hill staff are available to guide, advise and support students through this process, and an information evening for parents will be held in the Spring Term of Year 9.

At the same time, a Year 9 Options Information Booklet, which helps to simplify the information for parents and students, will be published on the school website along with five-minute videos from various subject leaders.

September 2024

For those students starting their GCSE courses in September 2024, an Options Evening will be held in the Spring Term.

For further information or support regarding Year 9 Options, please contact Mr A Kai-Samba: