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Home Learning

From January 2021, students will be taught remotely as part of the national lockdown to bring the new variant of coronavirus under control.

Students will follow their normal timetable by attending live sessions via Microsoft Teams. The exception to this will be if a teacher is ill – in this case there will be no live lessons from them whilst they are unwell. It is therefore essential that students know how to access Teams, as attendance at these sessions is compulsory.

Students should access their live learning through the invitation on their school e-mail or via their calendar on Microsoft Teams.  Students will need to know their school email address in order to do this.  If they have lost their school email address or log-in, you will need to e-mail for the information to be sent to you.

Please note that Microsoft Teams (and other Microsoft Office software) can also be accessed via an Xbox or Playstation although you will need a keyboard to use the Xbox for this purpose. Click here for further details. 

As stated above, we are expecting all students to participate in the live learning.  The format will usually be for the teacher to provide input for the first half and to then explain the offline work that students are then expected to complete.  Our experience shows that the entire period online is not effective. Practical lessons cannot be delivered online but the teacher will be online at the start to explain what the student is expected to do.

Links will also be added to Show My Homework along with any resources needed.

In order to support a prompt and effective start to each school day whist remote learning is in place, all students are expected to attend registration with their tutor via Teams at 08:30. Tutors will be delivering key messages for the day and non-attendance will be rapidly followed up.

Home Learning Plan

During the pandemic it is likely that, at some point, individual students, teaching groups or whole year groups could be sent home to self-isolate. Although nothing can replicate being in a lesson with a teacher, ensuring that students are able to continue their learning from home, is of vital importance.

Click to view our Home Learning Plan, which outlines the actions we are taking at school to make students ready for this, and the plans that are in place for different scenarios.

Home Learning Platforms

Show My Homework (all subjects) 

Step-by-step guidance 

Email: for parent and student log-in details.

The Oak National Academy

Free lessons and resources funded by the Department for Education

BBC Bitesize

Lessons, quizzes, activities and resources from primary to post-16.

Maths Watch

Email the Head of Faculty, Mr Godwin Kanton, for individual log-in codes:

Seneca Learning (Science)

Please click on the link for introduction and access details:

How to use Seneca Learning

Using Seneca Learning


Kerboodle is available for all students in Years 9 to 13.   They will have access to all the Science online textbooks and activities, as well as ‘A’ level Languages and KS3 Geography.

To login, students will need to use their normal system logins, eg. smitj351.209 – this is the first part of their email address.

Their passwords are the same as their logins – they can change this later if they wish to.

Finally, they will need the institution code tbk9.

Example for John Smith:-

  1. Username: smitj351.209
  2. Password: smitj351.209
  3. Institution code: tbk9

Any students having issues logging on can email the Head of Faculty, Ms Hamid, for assistance at

For optimum results we recommend using the current and updated version of Google Chrome.