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School Trips

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our full timetable of trips was not available to students during 2020/21. As and when Covid restrictions allow, educational visits and trips will take place. See below for a pre-pandemic schedule of residential trips.

Forest Hill School has a strong commitment to the added value of learning beyond the school day and beyond the school premises. Each year the school arranges a number of activities that take place off the school site and/or out of school hours, which support the aims of the school.

The variety of visits and experiences available may differ depending on the year group or the subjects being studied. Museums and theatres feature prominently on our trips’ schedule and we also host visits from authors, theatre companies and other professionals.

Residential Trips

Residential trips are a key part of the National Curriculum. They enable teachers to enhance students’ classroom learning, adding opportunities students may not otherwise have, particularly in the case of urban schools like Forest Hill where children have limited access to natural outdoor environments in their day to day learning.

Residential trips are also a great bonding experience, which is why we take all Year 7 students away for a few days during their first term at Forest Hill.


2019/20 Residential Trip Schedule

Dates Year Group Destination
18 – 20 October 2019 Year 11 Revision weekend at Kingswood Activity Centre, Kent
28–30 October 2019 Year 7 Kingswood Activity Centre, Kent (Group 1)
30 October – 1 November 2019 Year 7 Kingswood Activity Centre, Kent (Group 2)
9–12 January 2020 Year 12 A Level Trip to Berlin
8–12 February 2020 Year 8/9 Geography Trip to Iceland
2–6 March 2020 Year 8/9 French Trip to Paris
2–5 July 2020 Year 10 History/German GCSE Trip to Berlin