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The FHS Charter

At Forest Hill School, we want opportunities for our students to prosper, succeed and thrive in all areas of development. In order to encourage and acknowledge this, we created The FHS Charter.

The Charter is open to all students from Years 7 to 11. In order to achieve the Charter, students must complete tasks from each of the four school values. These can either be the activities listed here or alternatives that a student has pre-agreed with a Head of House.

If students wish to advance even further, they have the opportunity to achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards which are acknowledged with a metal badge to be worn on the lapel of their blazer.

During specific tutor times, students provide evidence of activity completion (in the form of receipts, photographs or written statements by adults) to their tutor to sign off.

Once complete (having evidenced and signed off 20, 25, 30 or 35 activities) students present their booklets to a Head of House during and are awarded their certificates and badges at the next House Assembly at the end of the half term.

Students are expected to wear their badges on the lapel of their blazer to promote themselves and the School Charter. This is a prestigious award that identifies those students who are willing to show Kindness, Respect, Ambition and Hard work – embodying a true Forest Hill School Student.