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School Houses

Forest Hill School has a strong House ethos of which we are very proud. Houses play a pivotal role in establishing the strong community identity and caring ethos that have been the hallmarks of our success over the years. Upon entry to the school, every boy joins one of our four houses listed below. Each house is overseen by a Head of House.

The House system creates a sense of community and, where possible, we aim to place younger brothers starting at Forest Hill School in the same House as their older sibling. Houses play a central role in developing the school community, running fun and engaging events and competitions throughout the year.

They also work to support charities and promote student voice by having a House Captain for each house as well as a House Journalist and prefects.

In September 2020, the school houses were re-named to give a more diverse representation of our school community. This was a long process which began in October 2019 and involved all students being given the opportunity to research new figures to represent the houses and ended with a vote from a shortlist.

Ofosu-Asare House (formally Drake House)

Head of House: VACANCY

Colour: Red

This house is named after former student, Kwame Ofosu-Asare. Kwame was a much-loved and respected student at Forest Hill School, who tragically lost his life to knife crime in a case of mistaken identity. He was a model student, had a keen love for the arts and was a budding actor and musician. Additionally, he represented the school in athletics and football. We remember Kwame every year with an award at the Year 11 graduation.

Parks House (formally Reynolds House)

Head of House:  Ms Sparkes

Colour: Blue

This house is named after Rosa Parks, who was one of the most influential figures in the Civil Rights movement. She prompted the Montgomery Bus Boycott when she was arrested in 1956 for not standing up to allow a white person to sit down. This led to an end to segregation and prejudice on buses. She was an intelligent woman who stood for what she believed in no matter the consequences.

Tull House (formally Shackleton House)

Head of House:  Mrs Heerey

Colour: Green

This house is named after Walter Tull, who was both a professional footballer and a soldier during World War I. Walter had to give up his career as a footballer to help out in the war, but he then became recognised as the first black officer to lead white British soldiers into battle.

Turing House (formally Harvey House)

Head of House: VACANCY

Colour: Yellow

This house is named after Alan Turing, who played a crucial role in cracking intercepted coded messages that enabled the Allies to defeat the Nazis in many crucial engagements, including the Battle of the Atlantic, and in so doing helped win the war. Due to laws against homosexuality at the time, he was later arrested and chemically castrated as punishment for his identity. He committed suicide through cyanide poisoning in 1954. In 2013, he was given a posthumous pardon by the Queen.