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GCSE Timetable 2023 

Information Evening

Each year, Forest Hill School hosts a GCSE Information Evening for Year 10 and 11 parents and carers.

The aim of the evening is to provide an overview of the GCSE courses in core subjects and to offer practical ways in which to support students at home.

Please click on the links below to view recordings of the 2023 information event and the corresponding presentations.

Downloadable Resources

Resource booklets and useful information specific to subjects covered during this event are available to download below.

If parents/carers have any questions following this event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the members of staff below who might be able to assist:

Mr Sullivan (Headteacher): (Headteacher’s PA)

Ms Woolf (Deputy Headteacher):

Mr German (Deputy Headteacher):

Ms Sutton-Adegoke (Head of Year 11): 

Mr Lamb (Head of RE, English, Philosophy and Psychology):

Mr Kanton (Head of Maths):

Ms Hamid (Head of Science):

Ms Williams (Lead Teacher for English): 

Mr Ogunbiyi (Intervention and Strategy for Maths):

Ms Afreen (Intervention and Strategy for Science):

Ms Tirsatine (Intervention and Strategy for English):