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Curriculum Intent

At Forest Hill School, we have meticulously crafted a curriculum that inspires our students to aspire for excellence. Our primary goal is to equip each student with the necessary qualifications and life skills to become successful citizens, opening doors to the best higher education opportunities available.

To achieve this, we focus on our four core values that are interwoven throughout all aspects of our school’s curriculum.

Hard work

We encourage students to work hard by focusing on a love of learning and the self-motivation to accomplish greatness. Hard work will ensure they develop the depth of learning and the necessary key skills. We develop an attitude of constant improvement and an understanding that hard work will ensure they achieve success in a variety of ways starting with excellent qualifications.


We are ambitious in the range of subjects students study, incorporating traditional subjects alongside a broad curriculum offer.

We are ambitious in ensuring that students cover the National Curriculum and beyond in all subjects, as well as ensuring that our curriculum responds to the local context and needs of our students. We provide rich experiences for all students, both inside the classroom and outside, through a range of educational visits and extra-curricular activities.

We are ambitious for what our students can achieve and we develop high aspirations to challenge themselves to go on to the best possible higher education opportunities.


We teach students to respect one another, through teaching about inclusivity and tolerance, and a wide range of different cultures and perspectives. Our curriculum is de-colonised and looks at issues from a range of different outlooks. Equality matters at Forest Hill. We embrace inclusivity and develop young citizens who are given opportunities to develop leadership in our school community and beyond.

Our curriculum is a series of “mirrors, windows and sliding doors” which enables students to learn about themselves (mirrors), view the experience of other people (windows), and be transported into other people’s lived experience (sliding doors).


Our community values kindness as a core value and our curriculum celebrates, encourages and places great value on kindness in a range of different contexts. Through teaching about respect, inclusivity and a greater knowledge of each other, we teach our young people to show kindness and understanding to those around them.

We develop empathetic individuals who exhibit kindness in all aspects of their lives.