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Where Can Your Subjects Take You?

It is never too early to be thinking about what career progression route you would like to follow once you finish your schooling at Forest Hill School. At Key Stages 4 and 5 students will have access to a range of careers guidance, including personal interviews with the school’s careers adviser and online access to Fast Tomato.

The school has a careers programme throughout your schooling that, we believe, fully enables you to access all the relevant information regarding career options and career planning. The careers scheme of work is structured to create an individual programme for you and uses a variety of activities and resources in order to achieve this.

Most careers guidance is provided through the schools PSHCE programme but other activities are provided for you.

These include:

Careers Speed Networking Day  – in Year 9 students get the chance to meet and discuss with visiting local employers who share their experience and knowledge on work and the job market.

Fast Tomato – an online careers programme giving students access to careers guidance and support. See below for more details.

Careers Guidance Interview – in Year 10 you will be given the opportunity to attend an individual careers interview with a professional careers guidance counsellor.

Enterprise Day – during your time at the school you will attend an enterprise day where you are encouraged to explore the skills and attributes required to work in the world of business.

Fast Tomato

The Fast Tomato online programme will enable you to start planning this journey with the opportunity to update and revise your plans at any time. The programme has dedicated log-ins (provided to you) and allows you to create a profile online that you can continually update.

Based on your completed profile Fast Tomato gives you subject, career and apprenticeship options that you can research and obtain information on. You will use Fast Tomato in conjunction with other careers websites, your PSHCE lessons and your Careers Advice and Guidance Interview in Year 10.

It can help you find out what you are good at and direct you in the best direction for success – be it a job, apprenticeship, college or university.

  • The Job information tells you what is involved in each job, the salary you might expect to earn, entry qualifications, links to the relevant professional bodies and sources of further reading.
  • The HE information gives you a list of course titles, where they can be studied and other useful information about life at university.
  • The Apprenticeship suggestions cover a variety of sectors and levels and provide direct links to Apprenticeship websites.
  • The University section allows you to explore courses that you may be interested in.

If you require any information about careers please contact Mr Moss to arrange an appointment.

Use the login details provided by your PSCHE teacher to log on to

Other Useful Links

You can also find useful careers information and advice at

This is a careers website for students who don’t intend to go to university

Career Camel is a careers website for students, graduates and school leavers offering jobs, internships, advice and courses