We are proud to say that Forest Hill is first and foremost a reading school.

Our School Librarian, Mrs Hans, is assisted by Mrs Gooding. Everybody associated with the school is encouraged to read and share their literacy experiences: students, staff and parents. Our Library sits at the heart of the school and everything it achieves.

Every pupil in Year 7 and Year 8 enjoys a supported library lesson in which to read, choose and discuss books.

Our Library Management System is available in school or from home, pupils and staff can review the books they have read and search for books and online resources.






Opening Hours Before school Lunchtime After School


– 8:15 am

1.20pm – 1.35pm Homework Club – closes 3.30pm


– 8:25am

1.30pm – 1:55pm Homework Club – closes 4pm


– 8:25am

1.30pm – 1:55pm

Yr7 & 8 Reading Club

Homework Club – closes 4pm


– 8:25am

1.30pm – 1:55pm Homework Club – closes 4pm


– 8:25am

1.30pm – 1:55pm

Chess Club

Library closes 3.30 pm

Reading Club for Years 7 and 8 meets every Wednesday lunchtime and is for everyone who enjoys reading – why not come along and try it?

Or, if you enjoy the challenge of chess try the Chess Club on Friday lunchtimes.

Homework Club is open to all students after school Monday to Thursday, with books, computers and staff available to assist if required.

Word of the Week


Research tells us that vocabulary skills are strong indicators of academic success.  Having a wide vocabulary also empowers children and adults to participate confidently and meaningfully in the world around them.

This year there will be a featured FHS Word of the Week for boys and staff to practice using and to absorb into their vocabulary.

Parents are encouraged to use the words too and to continue fostering a love of reading in the home, as reading and a wide vocabulary go hand-in-hand.

Have fun with our Word of the Week:

Author Visits and Events

THE SECRETS OF STORIES – A Workshop on Story Structure

Wednesday 3rd July – 1.30pm (numbers are limited so please be on time).

  1. Learn the basics of story structure and a simple step-by-step process on how to create a gripping read
  2. See the hidden structure of your favourite books and films
  3. Understand how to plan and analyse your own stories to keep your reader turning the pages

The Forest Hill author of the YA adventure novel Emerald Noose will show you how to arrange the basic pieces of a story so you can harness the full power of your imagination. This is a 20-minute workshop suitable for anyone who writes their own stories, and is especially helpful if you want to write but have no idea where to start or often find yourself getting lost in your own story.

The simple method applies to any kind of story, from short stories to comics or graphic novels, and full-length novels. Because it is a logical, analytical method it can help those with a more mathematical mind to be more creative, and those with a more creative mind to be more structured.

The workshop is run by Gayle Burgoyne, who writes YA fiction as Georgie Belmont. From a family of teachers, Gayle graduated in English Literature and Philosophy, and worked as a management consultant before turning her critical thinking skills to her passion for literature. On her blog she opens up her writing process – inspiration, methods and mistakes.

Empathy Day

June 11th is Empathy Day – The books mentioned in assembly are available in the library and you can view the presentation here.


Lucy Van Smit

Lucy Van Smit struggled with dyslexia when she was younger, but went on to work successfully in television.

She engaged our Yr 8 boys with the story of her life and the making of stories. She also spoke to our set 1 / top set (not sure how the school will want to word that) Yr 9 English classes about her remarkable book “The Hurting” and you could hear a pin drop as they took in the nuances of the story and then discussed the ways in which storytelling can be used in many careers, including in top tech companies.

Copies of “The Hurting” are available to borrow from the library.

Bali Rai

Author Bali Rai visited Forest Hill School Library on Friday and enthused our Yr9 boys, library helpers and other invited pupils with his thought-provoking talks.

He covered empathy, stereotypes, British black history and the importance of reading. As well as engaging 200+ pupils in the theatre he worked with RE, drama and history classes. Staff and pupils agreed it was a fantastic day.

Bali’s fiction books are available to borrow from the library and we also have a good stock of British black history non-fiction books for those who want to research some of the topics Bali spoke about.

Andy Briggs is coming to FHS!

He will be here on Friday 19th October to talk about his exciting writing career, including his latest title “Drone Racer”.
FHS boys enjoyed Andy’s previous visit and some have eagerly read his “Inventory” series. Pupils and staff will be able to buy a copies of Andy’s books and have them signed at 3pm in the KKT. Copies will also be available in the school library for boys to borrow after half term.
You can find out more about Andy here.

Alex Wheatle Author Event

Previous Author Visits

Penny Joelson

On 12th June author Penny Joelson spoke to our Year 8 and 9 students about her recently published book ‘I Have No Secrets’ which has been nominated to be included in the book list for the 2017 Lewisham Book Award (older category).

She led an interesting and thought provoking session examining how vulnerable voices can be represented in literature and society at large, as well as some fascinating insights into the process of how an author’s manuscript is transformed into a printed book. Several copies of her book are now available to borrow from the school library.

Tom Angleberger

Tom Angleberger, bestselling author and comic writer, will be talking to students about his Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Rocket and Groot series on Friday 26th May.

If you or a pupil would like to meet the author AND buy a signed book please come to the library after school on Friday. The books are £6.99 each, with a 15% staff discount.

Derek Landy

Derek Landy has sold more than 17 million books in 37 countries around the world with his internationally acclaimed Skulduggery Pleasant series. We at Forest Hill were lucky enough to welcome him on Friday 24th February.

Students collected their author visit slips and book order forms and took part in what became one of our most anticipated library events of the year!

Ambrose Merrell 

How could an orphan living in Vancouver end up in 16th Century Japan, fighting against the terrifying forces of darkness in a battle to save the world? Author Ambrose Merrell gave his first ever school talk, meeting some Readers’ Club members and Year 8 classes.

Sara Grant 

Our Key Stage 3 boys and some girls from Sydenham School enjoyed an excellent talk from Sara Grant about her new book, Chasing Danger, and the creative writing process.  All that attended will hopefully have been imbued with the desire to write their own masterpiece!

M.G. Leonard 

The whole of Year 7 enjoyed finding out about beetles as well as getting a glimpse into the pages ofBeetle Boy, the new novel by M.G. Leonard.  We also invited pupils from the nearby Adamsrill Primary School who were enthralled and asked great questions. Copies of Beetle Boy are available to borrow from the Library.

Poetry Jam

Coming Up!

Poetry Jam December 2017

Mr. Simpson pays tribute at our December Poetry Jam 2017.

The next Poetry Jam will be in Easter, feel free to come along ready to join in either with your own poem or a favourite that you would like to share. See you there!


protest poetry - FHS poetry jam

We hold Poetry Jam in the Library every half term where students and staff get together to share their experiences of poetry through readings and performance.  If you feel inspired then feel free to come along and add your own contribution for the next Poetry Jam.

Our regular half termly Poetry Jam included the theme of Protest Poetry. Ms Iyeke’s class (H8F) performed some of their own pieces they had been working on in their English lessons.

We are proud of our budding poets and it proved to be a dynamic and entertaining session with a supportive and collaborative atmosphere!

Thanks to Ms Murphy (Eng. Dept.) for helping to lead the lunchtime session and to those who shared their work, including Mr Oche’s (P.E. dept) powerful and understated performance of his poems.

Library_Poetry Jam Dec 2014

Library_Poetry Jam Mar 2015

Scholastic Book Club
Scholastic Book Club is up and running at Forest Hill School!
Go to to browse the latest books and order books online.
Towards the end of each term a new club date will be given and for every £1 you spend on each term’s Book Club, our school will earn 25p in Scholastic Rewards to help us buy new library books.
Your books will be delivered to the school and given to your son.  (If you spend over £25 you can choose free delivery to your home.)
Research and Referencing
Click the link below to download a Powerpoint explaining useful sources.
Useful sources & referencing