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Motto and Values

Forest Hill School is a community which is Aspiring to Excellence Together. This is our school motto and it drives us to relentlessly pursue excellence in all aspects of school life.

We have a very strong ethos which is underpinned by our Core Values:

Hard Work

We are ready to learn, we give 100% effort, and we never give up. We are determined to succeed.

  • I am independent and self-motivated
  • I actively participate in lessons
  • I rise to new challenges
  • I step out of my comfort zone
  • I believe in myself to be the best I can be


We aim high, we ask questions, and we challenge ourselves every day. We strive to be anything we want to be.

  • I look for ways to further develop my knowledge and skills
  • I am prepared to take risks
  • I know what I need to do to achieve my goals
  • I am focused on my future
  • I am determined to succeed


We respect ourselves, each other, and our environment. We value all members of the school community.

  • I promote and support equality
  • I listen to others’ views and beliefs
  • I accept others for who they are
  • I follow the school rules
  • I respect the school buildings, facilities and surrounding environment


We are friendly, inclusive and considerate to all. We treat others how we wish to be treated.

  • I support and encourage those around me
  • I am considerate of others’ feelings
  • I give my peers positive feedback
  • I am polite to my teachers and other staff members
  • I support school fundraising events for charities
These values pervade the school and set the agenda for our culture of constant improvement and striving for yet greater heights.