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History and Ethos

When Forest Hill Comprehensive School opened in September 1956, it was a flagship of the London County Council’s new policy of building comprehensive schools that aimed to break down the previous national policy of selecting children, largely on 11+ results, to attend grammar, technical or secondary modern schools.

Forest Hill School from Mayow Road, late 1950s. Taken by BobDrake747 

The first headteacher was Alexander E. Howard, who was a leading national figure in technical education and who brought exciting educational ideas and practices to the school with the aim of brightening the future of secondary education for boys.

Today, Forest Hill School remains a thriving and aspirational school providing the highest quality education to young men in south east London. And the Headteacher, Mr Sullivan, ensures that the boys continue to learn in a stimulating environment designed to foster initiative, develop creativity and promote self-esteem.

All boys study the full range of the arts, including dance, and have the opportunity to perform to multiple audiences. Our team working approach and the enhancement of communication skills allows us to challenge the stereotypes of young men held by many.

All students receive exceptional pastoral care, support and guidance to ensure that they both enjoy school and are actively engaged in their learning, developing in them key skills which will serve them well in education and employment and in future life.

“It is our priority that students feel safe, known and valued at Forest Hill School. Our core values and motto, ‘Aspiring to Excellence Together’, set the tone for all aspects of the school and your son will not only succeed academically but will develop as a whole person. ” 

Mr Sullivan, Headteacher