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New Homework Approach

This year we are trialling a new homework approach at Forest Hill School in response to feedback from students, staff and parents.

Click here to view our presentation outlining this new homework approach.

Independent Learning Booklets

As part of this new homework approach, students have been given Independent Learning Booklets to be completed throughout the term.

Students are expected to bring these booklets to school every day.

Copies of these booklets are available to download below:

Year 7: Spring Half Term 2

Year 8: Spring Half Term 2

Year 10 Spring Half Term 2

Seneca Learning

We are also trialling a more systematic use of the Seneca adaptive learning and revision platform. Watch this video for more information about this tool.

Parents can set up their own Seneca accounts linked to their child so they can see what work is being set/done. This video shows you how to do this.

Homework is a vital part of the curriculum, and there is a clear link between the completion of homework and achievement. To be effective, homework needs to be regularly set and it needs to be varied in the range and nature of the task set so that it can be accessible and challenging to all. Homework also helps students to develop essential skills such as time management and planning skills.

In Year 7, students will receive homework from five subjects each week – English, Maths, Science, History and Languages plus a Reading homework. Once a fortnight, they will receive homework for Geography, Computer Science and Religious Education. Each homework should take a minimum of 30 minutes. Art/DT homework is research and project based and designed to be ongoing.

In Years 8 and 9, Geography homework is set weekly, and the overall volume of homework increases to ensure that by Year 10 the students are ready for the homework expectations of the GCSE courses.

PE, Dance, Music and Drama do not routinely set homework at Key Stage 3.

Students can get help with homework whenever the school library is open and on four evenings they can join Homework Club in the School Library. This is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 4.00pm.

Show My Homework

The school’s system for tracking and monitoring homework is Show My Homework. All homework activities are recorded here for students and parents/carers to access, and students are expected to check it every day.

It is an intuitive platform that allows teachers to include worksheets, research information and revision materials online, which students can access from any internet-enabled device at any time.

All students and parents are issued with their own log-in when they join the school. Click here for detailed instructions about how to log in.

Show My Homework tends to work best with the most up to date version of Chrome but it should also work with the up to date versions of Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

This help centre article contains links to the pages where you can download the browser as necessary.

If work cannot be submitted, then the student needs to e-mail the work to their teacher. Please check that students are using their student account and not the parent account because this will not allow work to be submitted.

Show My Homework Parents’ User Guide

Homework FAQs

Homework at secondary school is very different to primary school. We have created a Homework Leaflet to help parents better understand how and when homework is set, how it is marked, and how you can support your son with the completion of homework.

Homework FAQs for Parents

Working From Home

All students at Forest Hill School have full access to the same Microsoft applications from home as they do in school. This includes accessing their school email through Microsoft Outlook as well as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel which they may need to complete homework at different times.

Click here for a guide to help access these Microsoft applications as well as Seneca Learning.