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To contact a member of staff by email, please use the following email address format:

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Sullivan, Headteacher, (PA)

Ms R Woolf, Deputy Headteacher

Mr I Haresign, Deputy Headteacher

Mr G German, Deputy Headteacher

Ms H Thomas, Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Kai-Samba, Assistant Headteacher

Ms R Vilas, Assistant Headteacher

Ms S Davies, Director of Strategy and Resources

Heads of Year

Mr I Powell, Head of Year 7

Ms S Sutton, Head of Year 8

Mr J Green, Head of Year 9

Mr M Griffiths, Head of Year 10 (Maternity Cover)

Mr J Crowe, Head of Year 11

Heads of House

VACANCY, Head of Ofosu-Asare

Ms P Sparkes, Head of Parks

VACANCY, Head of Turing

Ms A Heerey, Head of Tull 

Teaching Staff

Art and Design & Technology

Ms R Tang-Campbell, Teaching and Learning Lead, Art and Design & Technology

Ms J Song, Art Teacher

Business Studies / Economics

Ms R Flemmings, Teaching and Learning Lead, Business Studies

Mr T Maton, Business Studies Teacher

Mr J Prendergast, Business Studies & Economics Teacher

Computer Science

Ms V Akpojaro, Teaching and Learning Lead, Computer Science

Mr M Landa, Computer Science Teacher

Dance and Drama

Ms Y Stephen, Dance Teacher 


Mr R Lamb, Faculty Lead, English and REPP

Mr L Dinsmore, English Teacher 

Ms N Gordon, English Teacher

Ms E Suart, English Teacher

Ms S Sutton, English Teacher

Ms C Walcott, English Teacher


Mr A Brook, Faculty Lead, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages

Ms K Ashmore-Marsh, Geography Teacher

Mr A Hewson, Geography Teacher

Ms I O’Dowd, Geography Teacher

Ms H Thomas, Geography Teacher


Mr G Keeffe, Lead Teacher of History

Ms E Whale, Teaching and Learning Lead, Humanities

Ms A Jude, History Teacher 

Mr T Owen, History Teacher


Mr G Kanton, Faculty Lead, Mathematics and Business Studies

Mr O Amaechi, Teaching and Learning Lead, Mathematics

Mr S Addo, Mathematics Teacher

Mr G Bellas, Mathematics Teacher

Mr M Cox, Mathematics Teacher

Mr B Jethwa, Trainee Mathematics Teacher

Mr A Kai-Samba, Mathematics Teacher

Mr J Martin, Mathematics Teacher

Mr P Ogundola, Mathematics Teacher

Ms W Smith, Mathematics Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Ms P Lopes Oliveira, Teaching and Learning Lead, MFL

Mr G Camina Gonzalez, MFL Teacher 

Ms N Kenton, MFL Teacher

Ms L Norman, MFL Teacher

Ms E Tainsh, MFL Teacher


Mr S Livingstone, Lead Practitioner and Music Teacher

Mr C Coggle, Music Teacher

Ms A Heerey, Music Teacher

Physical Education (PE)

Mr K Hollidge, Faculty Lead, Expressive Arts, and PE Teacher

Mr J Crowe, PE Teacher

Mr M Griffiths, PE Teacher 

Mr S Wright, PE Teacher and Cover Supervisor


Ms A Graham, Teaching and Learning Lead, Psychology and RE

Religious Education (RE) and Citizenship

Mr E Bussett, RE and Citizenship Teacher (Maternity Cover)


Ms N Edmund, Teaching and Learning Lead, Science

Ms F Afreen, Lead Teacher of Science (Post 16)

Ms A Riaz-Choudhury, Science Teacher

Ms F Ereghare, Science Teacher

Mr J Green, Science Teacher

Mr W Licence, Science Teacher

Ms B Murray, Science Teacher

Ms R Vilas, Science Teacher 

Ms R Woolf, Science Teacher

Ms I Ademosu, Senior Science Technician

Mr R Lynch, Science Technician

Sixth Form

Mr T Maton, Director of Sixth Form

Ms N Kenton, Head of Year 12

Ms R Leftwich, Sixth Form Data Manager

Ms J Toussaint, Sixth Form Administrator

Ms S Kennedy, Admin Assistant

Safeguarding Team

Mr I Haresign, Lead Designate Child Protection

Mr M Sullivan, Deputy Designate Child Protection

Ms J Jones, Safeguarding Officer

Mr P Orsacek, Safeguarding Officer

Inclusion Staff

Ms J Jones, Inclusion Manager

Mr P Orsacek, Attendance & Welfare Officer

Ms S Young, Behaviour Manager 

Ms C Rhodes, School Counsellor

Student Support

Ms T Taylor, SENCO

Ms P Sparkes, Learning Support Teacher

Ms L Gayle, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr J Rathore-Stanley, Study Supervisor 

Ms M Dave, Inclusion Support Assistant

Ms L Ghezzi, Inclusion Support Assistant

Mr D Harris, Inclusion Support Assistant

Ms M Stafford, Inclusion Support Assistant 

Ms M Turner, Inclusion Support Assistant

Mr D Brassington, EAL Co-ordinator

Associate Staff

Ms S Davies, Director of Strategy and Resources

Ms V Brown, Headteacher’s PA

Ms C Calligy, Office Manager

Ms N Bowles, Finance Officer

Ms L Gayle, Finance and HR Assistant

Ms R Leftwich, Sixth Form Data Manager

Ms T McShane, Data Manager

Ms M Beadle, Examinations Officer

Ms K Hans, Librarian

Ms A Gibson, Library Assistant

Mr S Wright, Cover Supervisor

Ms E Heath, Marketing and Community Engagement Officer

Ms A Halliday, Resources and Reprographics Assistant

Ms Y Harewood, Receptionist

Ms G Kellman, Admin Assistant

Ms J Toussaint, 6th form Administrator

Ms S Kennedy, Admin Assistant

Ms A McDonald, Admin Assistant