Concerns and Complaints

We understand that parents and carers will at times wish to raise concerns/complaints about various aspects of their sons’ school experience. Please see below for the appropriate contact with whom to discuss your concerns or complaints.

For all concerns relating to your son – whether it is academic progress and levels of achievement or social and emotional wellbeing – the Head of Year should be your first point of contact:

Head of Year 7: Mr Jack Green –

Head of Year 8: Mr Mark Oviri –

Head of Year 9: Mr Justin Crowe –

Head of Year 10: Ms Susan Sutton-Adegoke –

Head of Year 11: Mr Aaron Davey –

If necessary, the Head of Year will then contact the appropriate member of staff to address your concerns.

If you wish to direct your concern or complaint directly to the Headteacher, please email Receipt of your message will be acknowledged confidentially by the Head’s PA initially, with a fuller response following in due course as appropriate.

Whilst we are always disappointed to hear of complaints, we understand that sometimes things go awry and there arises a need to address complaints at a more elevated level.

We feel an informal approach very often leads to a mutually satisfactory resolution to the issue but in the event this does not produce the desired outcome, parents/carers are directed to our formal Complaints’ Policy which can be found on the School Policies page. This document clarifies the procedures for hearing complaints and what outcomes both the school and the individual may expect from invoking the procedure.