We are very proud to have established a strong and high profile music department within Forest Hill School. Widely recognised as a pioneer and leader in music education we have the credibility of being a Musical Futures Champion School and have been a hotbed of musical talent for many years.

Instrument tuition

Alongside our diverse curriculum we also offer extra-curricular instrument lessons and a number of lunchtime and after school groups and clubs. Our instrument lessons are free to access and are led by a team of dedicated tutors who also work as professionals within their fields. Managed by our own senior music specialist our peripatetic offer runs through the timetable day from Monday to Friday and is equivalent to over £1000 in private tutoring per participating student.

Modern facilities

Our department is equipped with 4 large ensemble spaces and 7 practice rooms. All rooms are equipped with drums, guitars, keyboards, PA and microphones. We have a thriving lunchtime and after school booking system for individual and group practice. We also have a modern digital recording studio running industry standard software (Pro Tools) and a suite of Macintosh computers set up for audio recording, editing, sequencing and mixing.

Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 centres on experiential music participation with the targeted development on key skills required to access GCSE music at Key Stage 4.  We also offer Music Technology NCFE at Key Stage 4 and have a popular BTEC level 3 Music Performance course for study at Key Stage 5.


A brand new curriculum has led to an early emphasis in the immersion in musical elements, composition and musical literacy right from the start. Students explore their own music and the music from around the world through african drumming, singing, guitar and keyboard work, folk music, music technology, composition, improvisation and lots of performing.

We hold Key Stage 3 showcases twice a year and have regular Perform@lunch recitals for all of our musicians to share their solo and group work.


We offer GCSE to our year 10 and 11 cohort which provides a balance of more in depth theoretical study with practical group and solo performances. Composition, listening and practice are all emphasised allowing creative expression to develop alongside musical appreciation and familiarity.


Our offer of BTEC level 3 has been a popular SFH6 course for many years. With an emphasis on the real world skills of a professional musician the course gives students ample space and support to explore their own projects, music practice and musicianship development at their own pace.

More Information

For more about our music department, extra-curricular groups, how to sign up for instrument lesson and book practice rooms please go to our dedicated site here.