Religious Education


Students begin Year 7 with a bridging unit related to work they have completed in their primary schools in Year 6. They then study an introduction to the six major world faiths covering founders, holy books and basic beliefs.

Year 8 follows a thematic approach to the study of symbolism. Topics covered include pilgrimage, sacred space, religious clothing, stories and divine images.

In Year 9 students are expected to take on more ‘meaty’ topics and study issues such as beliefs about life after death, morality, marriage, prejudice and discrimination and religion in the media.


All students in Years 10 and 11 study AQA GCSE Religious Studies A.

AQA GCSE Religious Studies Specification


RE is a very popular option at KS5, particularly in Year 13. The course is undertaken in one year and we currently have three full classes.

Students undertake an in depth study of the faiths of Islam and Judaism. The course followed is Religious Studies GCE A/AS offered by WJEC.

Students should have gained a B grade at GCSE in order to gain entrance to the course.

WJEC A Level Religious Studies Specification


Edexcel GCSE Psychology Specification