Physical Education


Through our curriculum offer, students will develop:

 – Their individual skills and techniques.

 – Their ability to make and apply decisions, such as selecting and using appropriate tactics and strategies; and recognising risks and hazards and how to control them.

 – Their physical and mental capacity and determination to succeed.

 – Their ability to effectively analyse their own and other’s performances in order to bring about improvements.

 – Their ability to identify the types of activities and roles they are best suited to and would like to take on, in order to make informed choices about lifelong physical activity in order to lead healthy active lifestyles.


In Year 7, 8 and 9 students have one double lesson per week, lasting two hours. Units of work run for approximately six weeks and the activities are as follows:

Areas of Activity Activities covered in our programme
Outwitting opponents Games activities – Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket and Volleyball
Accurate replication Gymnastic activities
Exploring and communicating ideas Dance activities
Performing at maximum levels Athletic activities
Exercising safely and effectively Health and fitness activities



In Years 10 and 11 Physical Education remains a compulsory subject and students have one double lesson per week lasting two hours. Each unit of work runs for approximately seven weeks.

Students are allowed to choose the activities which they wish to follow, which must be from at least two of the areas of activity. Students are encouraged to select activities in which they have a high level of skill and/or which they particularly enjoy to continue their participation outside school and in post-school life in order to lead healthy active lifestyles.

In addition to those which they follow throughout Key Stage 3, students can also choose to follow units of sailing and canoeing, weight training, swimming and table-tennis.

We follow the AQA GCSE Physical Education course. Students are assessed on their practical performance (as performers, officials, organisers and coaches) and sit a written examination at the end of Year 11.


Extra Curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular programme of activities is extensive and provides opportunities for students of all abilities and interests.

Activities run before and after school and at lunch-time for recreational purposes and team coaching sessions. We run teams in football, rugby, cricket, basketball, cross-country and athletics and enjoy both individual and team successes at local, district, county, and national level.